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Create Non-Associative Isometric Dimensions

ISODim - Create non-associative isometric dimensions in the standard isoplanes.   I guess sooner or later everyone makes an attempt at this.  Here's mine.

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  The program ask you for the first two extension line locations.   Then it ask for the location of the base line.  During this process you can press T to toggle between the isoplanes.  The program then ask you for the text to supply for the dimension, giving you a default of the actual distance.  After pressing enter you can select another point to continue the dimension or press enter to exit. 

  The program uses the values of the system variables DIMSCALE, DIMASZ, DIMEXE, DIMTXT, and DIMTXSTY.  The program also creates styles on the fly.   You will see a style suffixed with 30, 180, 270. and/or 330.  These are used to create the obliquing angles required.  If the current text style is "SIMPLEX".  It will create SIMPLEX30, SIMPLEX180, SIMPLEX270, and/or SIMPLEX330 as needed. 

  The arrow shape is defined by the standard arrow size [DIMASZ] with a width of half the length.

To Download the program click   <here>.

If you have any questions about the program click here.

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