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Surveyor - - Insert point information from Excel, CSV, or TXT

Attention surveyors!  New! Version 2
I am trying to write a program for importing survey point information but I am not in the surveying business.  Please contact me if this is not what you need!

Step 1 - Select an Excel, CSV, or TXT file to import:

The program will automatically bring in the first couple rows of data and set the default data types for the Columns.  At this point you could select the Draw Polyline button to draw a line from pt to pt.


Step 2 - Select your custom block to insert with at least 4 attributes:

The program will automatically bring in the tags and set a default mapping.


Step 3 - Ignore the first row if necessary, Set the decimal places to display in the attribute,  match the Excel columns to the correct attribute tags and press the Okay button:

The program only processes one row at a time, so memory shouldn't be an issue.

To Download the program click   <here>.

If you have any questions about the program click here.

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