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ALIAS v1.0

Create single letter commands on the fly!

Why didn't AutoDesk think of this?

For AutoCAD Versions 2000 and higher.

ALIAS - This program allows you to assign a letter or combination of letters to a command while you are in your drawing.  The commands are available to you immediately.    It will also add the new commands to the AutoCAD StartUp Suite so they will be there every time you start a new drawing.

Screen Shot:

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You are not limited to the commands listed in the "Commands" list box.  You can add whatever is available.  When you type in the "New Alias" box, the "New" button will become active and the label "Currently Assigned to:" will change to "Assign to:".  You can either choose from the commands listed in the "Commands" list box or you can type in anything you want to try.  The commands in the list box are the common commands between AutoCAD 2000 and 2004.


  After you select the Save button, two dialog boxes will follow:

ALIAS02.JPG (5297 bytes)ALIAS03.JPG (9075 bytes)

  The registry changes only occur the first time you use the program.   You will not have to restart AutoCAD every time you use the program.  Just the first time.  This is to force a registry update.


Next time you start a drawing, your ALIASES should automatically load:

ALIAS04.JPG (13829 bytes)


I was going to charge for this program due to the number of hours used to accomplish this task but,  I've changed my mind.  Click <here> to download  the ALIAS.ZIP file.

If you have any questions about the program click here.

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