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Make your blocks a little smarter.

BLOCKMASTER -  This program allows you to add a dialog box to your standard block insertion.  You can add edit boxes and drop down list for the user to fill in the attribute information.   

  You can also add a incremental value so your block's attribute will increment each time it is inserted.

Screen Shot:

Start the program:

Select the Add button to create a BMI (Blockmaster Information file):

After the BMI file is created, edit the BMI file:

A drop down list can be used to fill in attribute data:

If you select no prompt, the default value will be used:

If you select Yes for prompt and Default for prompt type, an edit box will be used with the default value supplied:

If you select Increment, the Increment Edit box will allow you to specify the increment:

Increment after the Increment Edit dialog box:

After you press the Create button, load the program (named the same as the block) and run it.  The dialog box you have created will show each time the program is ran for insertion:

BLOCKMASTER v1.0 beta Copyright 2013 by /.  All rights reserved.

Free!  Click to download now!

If you have any questions about the program or want to give feedback click here.

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