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DCL Files cannot be found
Error: Quit / Exit Abort
Load Failed

   If you run an autolisp program and encounter any of the following error messages:

1.  Could not find ****.DCL file
2. error: quit / exit abort
3.  error: LOAD failed

  This usually means the autolisp file or DCL file could not be found.   To solve this problem, make sure you put your autolisp and DCL files inside the AutoCAD search path.  To be more specific, put them in a directory that is part of your "Support File and Search Path".  To find the AutoCAD support file and search path list, do the following:

1.  In AutoCAD, click on the TOOLS drop down menu.
2.  Go to the OPTIONS menu item.
3.  Click on the FILES tab.
4.  Click on the plus sign + in front of SUPPORT FILE AND SEARCH PATH.

  This is your search path location.  The directories listed there are searched in order, from top to bottom for any autolisp program you try to load.  It is also used to find blocks and DCL files. 

  Either add the directory you store your autolisp and DCL files, or move your autolisp and DCL files into one of the directories listed here.  This should end the errors listed above.

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